The 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment - Rough Riders, Inc.
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The 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment "Rough Riders", Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation formed for the purpose of creating a perpetuating and living memorial to the unique accomplishments of President Theodore Roosevelt and the members of his famous volunteer cavalry regiment, known as the Rough Riders.

The Rough Riders played an instrumental role in the Spanish-American War when they sailed with Colonel Roosevelt from Tampa, to liberate Cuba from Spain.

Every year, the current Rough Riders collect, sort, and distribute thousands of Teddy Bears to hospital patients, cancer survivors and their families, centers for abused women and children, community health centers, special needs day care centers, and foster children.

To learn how you can support the Rough Riders through the donation of "new-unused" Teddy Bears or to request a Teddy Bear Run please call (813) 248-1898 or email your request to

Mailing Address

601 N. 19th St.
Tampa, FL, 33605


(813) 248-1898

Krewe Events

Rough Rider's Summer Theme Party

SAVE THE DATE – JULY 29, 2017 – ROUGH RIDER CLUBHOUSE   ROUGH RIDERS’ SUMMER THEME PARTY   The Rough Riders are planning another fabulous summer theme party. This time it’s going to be   prohibition, Roaring 20s gangsters and casino fun.   Stay tuned for more information coming out soon.

Rough Riders Wild Beast Feast

This will be a large party at our clubhouse.  It will feature music and lots of food.   Details to follow.