The Krewe of Seven Celtic Nations is a coed organization with 2 rules. #1-have fun. #2-remember rule #1. Our attire is Celtic Renaissance, taken from the history of our regions, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Isle of Man, Galicia and Cornwall. Our men are Nobles, Highlanders, Swordsmen, Rogues, Horsemen, Soldiers, Warriors, Scholars and Sea Merchants. Our ladies are Wenches, Royals, Soldiers, Warriors, Ladies-in-Waiting, Sea Merchants and Scholars. Kilts and tartans are a common part of attire for both the ladies and the gentlemen.
All have a strong commitment to protect our family.
Our float is a river barge, but we are a walking krewe. We participate in all local parades and travel to out of town festivals and events.
We believe in having fun and giving back to our community. We hold fundraising events for local charities and socials throughout the year, and we encourage all members to attend and support events sponsored by other krewes.

Mailing Address

3417 W. North A Street
Tampa, FL 33609

Krewe Events

Guests for Bradenton's DeSoto Parade

K7CN is accepting guests for the Bradenton DeSoto Parade. If your krewe is not participating or you have family or friends that want the parade experience, we can make that happen. 21 years old and above please. Includes walking with K7, Celtic punch and beer on tap, water, sodas. fee: $25 for active members of another krewe; $75 for non-krewe people. costumes: Celtic Renaissance or your krewe costume. Contact any K7CN board member for costume guidance or email Diane at Payment can be made via PayPal to Please put your name, email address and krewe affiliation in the comments.

Crawl For Cancer - Ybor

Save the date! Details to come.  Please plan to be a part of this national fundraiser to help raise money for cancer research in our local community.