Krewe name:  Thieves of San Lorenzo

Thieves of San Lorenzo mission/charities: 

The Krewe’s name, signature red heart bead and motto ‘WE’LL STEAL YOUR HEART” came from a heartwarming story that took place centuries ago on the Caribbean Isle of San Lorenzo.  The legend tells how these women and their beautiful settlement were victimized by pirates while their men were away at war.  These strong willed, independent ladies acted and stole back what was theirs, thus stealing the hearts of their community.

Thieves represent 125 hardworking women.  Staying true to their heritage, they have fun and focus on giving back to the community they love through volunteerism and charitable work. Their 4 local charities are: Shriners, Ronald McDonald House(s),  Veteran’s Hospitals along with The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay.


The Thieves costumes are a modern interpretation of a Caribbean pirate – white peasant blouse with black skirt or with dress, adorned with an elegant peplum or vest. They’re easy to spot in their signature pirate hat and knee high boots.  If you’re lucky you can score one of their garters (a costume mandate).

Krewe Floats: 

  • The first float depicts their tropical “chick fort” settlement featuring grottos waterfalls and sand-dunes loaded with treasures.
  • Their second float depicts San Lorenzo’s landmark volcano, which served as a light source guiding their settlers’ home from sea.
  • Having done most of the work on their floats themselves – these ladies and their floats remind us we can do anything we set out minds to!

More information about Thieves of San Lorenzo:

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