Bootlegger Belles and Beaus is a 501c3 charitable organization based off a famous female bootlegger (Gertrude Lythgoe) who lived in the Bahamas during prohibition and sold rum to ships off the Florida coast. But we call her by her bootlegger name, Grace, the Bahama Queen. She was such an integral part of Florida history, and was described as a “truly a wonderful personality, a woman of cultivated tastes, who can talk on books and who travels with the best music in her trunks, and shows such artistic taste in dress.”

So, our Troupe has a "speakeasy" theme, with a strong female leadership base. The beaus wear 1920's style suits with vests and fedora hats. The ladies are dressed in flapper attire in either red, black, silver or gold with fish net hose, feather head adornment and dance shoes. The costumes are relatively cheap at round $30 for women and $45 for men.

Charleston dance lessons are provided every Monday evening at 6:30 pm, except for the third Monday of each month at the Hugh Strickland American Legion Post 138. Adults lessons cost $20 and children are $5. Each lesson payment goes towards individual dues ($300). Couples dues are $450 and family dues are $500. We accept credit cards.

The Krewe members who want to advance in skill level are trained in partnership with our corporate sponsor, Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Tampa, one month prior to parade season. We also host the annual Bootlegger Ball in March to showcase our talent and to raise funds for our primary charity, Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs.

Join us every third Wednesday of the month at Ciro's Speakeasy for prohibition era signature cocktails.

Every level of participation in the Krewe is welcome from walkers who hand out beads to Charleston Stomp Steppers to Arthur Murray choreographed featured dancers.

Children over 7 are be able to participate at Children friendly parades and take dance lessons as well as participate in most Krewe events.

Mailing Address

PO Box 130428
Tampa, FL 33681



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