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How can a Krewe apply for membership to join Inter-Krewe Council?

Download the application, CLICK HERE

If you have further questions, please email: 

Application must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the published IKC quarterly meeting date for review.


If you are just starting a krewe, or your established group is interested in participating in the area parades and becoming a member of the Inter-Krewe Council, the following information should answer many of your questions.

Krewe Name: Your krewe name should not be similar to the name of any established krewe. For instance, do not use “Ye Mystic Krewe of…” or “The Knights of…” or “Ye Loyal Krewe of…,” etc.

Costume/ Garb: Your costume design must be original, distinguishing your krewe from other established krewes.

Inter-Krewe Council Membership: To apply for IKC membership, your krewe must have been incorporated for at least two year and must submit a completed application prior the deadline. However, a krewe does not need to be a member of IKC to participate in any of the parades, nor does IKC membership guarantee parade participation; that decision is made by the sponsoring krewe or event coordinator. In addition, the IKC cannot intervene on behalf of any krewe that has been denied acceptance into any parade.

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