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There are TWO options available for Tickets!


The Free ticket to the game is to help promote Tampa and our community.  Members must be willing to be in their Krewe’s respected uniform, garb, costume, etc., for the tailgate and during the football game to receive a free ticket.  These tickets are front and center to the TV Cameras, so you will have the opportunity to be on National TV.


Krewes can purchase a discounted ticket to Gasparilla Bowl in the same section lower North End Zone, but the upper rows for $25.00.  These tickets are available for Krewe members that select not to be in their Krewes themed attire.  Also these tickets are available for family members, and friends. These tickets will not be distributed by IKC.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Guidelines and FAQ 

  • Can I bring my child that is not in a Krewe and have them wear a Krewe Shirt? 

    No, you would have to purchase tickets through CLICK HERE.

  • Can I bring my significant other that is not in a Krewe and have them wear a Krewe Shirt for the free tickets? Yes

  • Can I get more than one for my Krewe mates or significant others in a Krewe? 

    Each Krewe member will need to sign up individually.  IKC will verify Krewe's membership before distributing tickets at the tailgate.

  • Can we sit together even though we have to sign up individually for the Option 1 ticket?

    Yes, This is a big block of tickets on the north side end zone, and we will all be together. 

  • Can I sign up for a ticket, or does my Krewe request a ticket? 

    Each individual member in a Krewe that is in good standing with IKC can sign up.

  • I’m not in a Krewe anymore. Can I still get a Free Ticket by dressing up? 

    Not a free ticket; however, you would have to purchase a ticket CLICK HERE. 

  • My Krewe is not part of the Inter-Krewe Council. Can I still get a free ticket? 

    No, you would have to purchase ticket CLICK HERE. Have your Krewe complete the IKC application for future opportunities.

  • If I sign-up, does it guarantee me a ticket?  

    Yes, if you meet the requirements stated above.  All communication will be sent by email prior to the day of the game. 

  • Where do I pick up my ticket?  

    Tickets will be handed out under the Inter-Krewe Council Tent at the tailgate. Times and further details will be communicated later by email and Facebook to all members who signed up and have been verified for a ticket.

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